23.02 – 04.06.2017


Les Cubes : Valérie Portmann

For the first exhibition of the year, the gallery Les Cubes is changing for a few months into an original aviary. The artist Valérie Portmann offers us to see her creations through the entitled exhibition "Avifauna".

Each cube contains a species of birds. Birds who are well known in our Lemanic region. Monumental cardboard sculptures are filling in the spaces they were created for, conveying a genuine fragility and delicacy in their technique and evoking the art of Origami. An elegant and uncluttered style balances with an intentionally gross realization inseparable with the used material.
« I like the simplicity of the cardboard, its raw aspect and its plastic properties. It is a work in between drawing, painting and sculpture, revealing a tension between the size of the birds and the poverty of the material. » are the words of the artist.

Exhibition opening in the presence of the artist: Thursday February 23 at 6 pm at Bad Hunter.