Boutique Showroom


Newly created whispered luxury menswear brand KA/NOA opens its first showroom and boutique in Lausanne in September 2017. A family project developed by a passionate man, who is respectful of his origins, of the authentic “made in Italy” label, tired of fast fashion and eager to be able to pack his suitcase in five minutes.
Founded in 2017, KA/NOA is a response to the ephemeral nature of fashion and the superficial tendencies of today’s fast-paced world. 100% made in Italy, it symbolises the unique, precious thread of life that links generation to generation, weaving ties between our roots, our values, our beliefs, the past and the future. A dream project arising from the determination to create a no-nonsense, elegant, comfortable, practical, masculine wardrobe consisting of timeless basics and whispered luxury.
KA/NOA is based on the principle of a wardrobe built from basics in such a way that every item goes with the others. Dozens of models hence result in over a hundred possible combinations. This effortless mixing and matching of only a few select pieces is a dream come true for any frequent traveller. Packing your bag in five minutes with no need to think about what is in it spells the end of every man’s recurrent headache!
This underlines the brand’s philosophy of Whispered Luxury: the clothes are authentic and ageless as well as resistant to passing trends.
The garments’ natural and timeless colours effortlessly blend with the high-quality exclusive materials and are imbued with a philosophy that is both socially and culturally responsible.
The 100% Italian brand reflects a sense of relaxed and minimalist elegance, focusing on fine fabrics and a perfect fit.