A district to experiment

Une histoire d'envies!

Quartier du Flon is a mainly pedestrian city center district covering a total surface of 55'000 m2.

Quartier du Flon is bustling with life, day and night, in a modern and innovative setting.

Teeming and welcoming, Quartier du Flon is a district that never sleeps.

During the day, Quartier du Flon offers numerous retail facilities and entertainment opportunities : boutiques, schools, restaurants, cinemas, beauty salons, health spas, art galleries and recreational spaces. When night falls, Quartier du Flon is thrilling to the sound of bars and clubs; it suits everybody's taste.

Quartier du Flon is an interesting combination of, simultaneously historic and modern architecture.

Quartier du Flon is an open area for artistic and cultural expression, hosting regular events all year long.

Quartier du Flon is centrally managed in order to offer the very best to its clients and visitors throughout the year.

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