Architecture & design

There are many architects and designers who have contributed to the development and the image of the Quartier du Flon. Here are a few examples.

Les Garages (2017)

Côtes-de-Montbenon 1-3-5

Demolition of the former garages and construction of new flexible surface areas, hosting arts & crafts activities as well as administrative and commercial activities.
Art galleries, artists’ studios, learning areas, designers, sales and snack food areas, etc.

Architects : Bakker et Blanc architectes associés, Lausanne

Les Pépinières (2014)

Côtes-de-Montbenon 20-22-24

Development of a new complex composed of three buildings located on the south side of the Esplanade du Flon. Each of these modern buildings has a very different external appearance.

The majority of the businesses are oriented towards the public: leisure activities, education and training, various catering establishments and the roof garden of the main building liven up the Esplanade both during the day and at night.

Architectes : Burckhardt+Partner SA

Rue de Genève 7 (2011)

Rue de Genève 7

Restoration of the building

Commerces, fitness, offices, apartments

Architects : Mercier & Squalli

LHOTEL (2011)

Place de l’Europe 6

Restoration and transformation of the building into a design hotel with 26 rooms

Architects : m+v, merlini et ventura architectes

La Miroiterie (2008)

Port-Franc 11

Implementation of a new building located above the extension to Parking du Centre

Commerce, bars and a restaurant with a panoramic roof terrace

Architects : Brauen & Wälchli architecture sa

Les Mercier (2008)

Voie-du-Chariot 3 à 7

New complex Les Mercier composed of three buildings at the east of the platform, along the Voie-du-Chariot

Architectes : Richter - Dahl Rocha & Associés Architectes SA et Architecture & Retail Rites SA

La Promenade Urbaine (2003 - 2009)

Urban developments and street furniture in the Quartier du Flon :

L’Esplanade du Flon, 2003 : Central square in the district of Flon

La Galerie lumineuse, 2003 : Gallery of Light, ephemeral urban lighting

Les Praticables, 2003 : 5 glass cubes along Voie-du-Chariot, which can be transformed and folded away, with multiple town planning uses (display windows, screens, etc.)

Town planner : Charles Lambert, DEXUS

L'Arbre et ses racines, 2007 : Tree with temporary lighting in Flon-Ville's central square, with its lighting roots providing multiple benches around the edges of the square

Designers : Oloom, Olivier Rambert & Samuel Wilkinson

La Pergola, 2007 : Recreational area shaded by artificial foliage

Designers : atelier oï

La Fontaine du Flon, 2009 : Flon fountain, on Voie-du-Chariot, at the centre of the Mercier complex, to the east of the Flon platform

Artist : Daniel Schlaepfer

Les Toilettes du Flon, 2009 : Public toilets with liquid crystal partitions and Flon-patterned urinals

Les Galets du Flon, 2009 : Pebble seats evoking the river Flon

Designer : Oloom, Olivier Rambert


Rue du Port-Franc 16, 2003

Creation of a multiplex cinema

Restaurant and pub on the groundfloor

Architects : P. Plancherel & A. Schmid Architectes Associés SA et RSA + R204 Design

Parking du Centre

2002, extension en 2006

Creation of Parking du Centre, located under the Esplanade du Flon, 4 floors of underground car park providing 925 good-sized spaces

Architectes : B + W architecture sa