Projet-co upholds a holistic vision of the architectural project and demonstrates to be an office of architects, designers, and builders, which is why most of the office's projects are designed and accompanied from the study phase to the delivery of the project.

In line with this vision, the search for harmony in a project is inscribed in the long time and the great landscape through the expression of the spirit of the location itself, the "genius loci".

Faced with the complexity that each project represents, Projet-co professes to be the link in the relationships that exist between the different parties: principals, external stakeholders, and the environment.

To date, Projet-co has had the opportunity to work on various programs: urban development, housing, offices, schoolchildren's facilities (APEMS), industrial halls, etc.

The office is composed of a team active in the fields of architectural design, management and construction works, technical drawing, administrative management, and training.