Moxy Lausanne City

History creates the future. What was once an abandoned river valley is todays pulse of Lausanne’s “heart of the arts”. The city’s most popular neighborhood, and all its culture, line of shops and exceptional nightlife are just outside your door. You’ll feel the insane creative energy in this new quarter of the city. Drawing on the art-infused surroundings, Lausanne vibes fuel the décor. The result is a unique Moxy experience.
Moxy Lausanne is a stylishly chic hotel that focuses on the less, while offering so much more! The 113 rooms are made for the young and young at heart.
Our check-in experience is one of a kind: say hi to our fun hunter crew and be surprised with a complimentary Moxtail and your key in your hands. With lively shared spaces, around the clock food and drink service, it is the perfect playground for those looking for some good, old-fashioned fun.